Why Elite Saunas

We understand the stresses and challenges that life can bring and the impact that has on your health.  I’ve been in the healthcare field for almost 40 years and recognize their are many limitations in truly helping people get and stay well.  We understand the importance of our choices and how our lifestyle plays a crucial role in preventing and reversing the health challenges we all face.  

At Elite Saunas we respect you and value your time.  We wanted to make your sauna experience as simple as possible and wanted to make sure that we provided access to the best saunas on the market and at an affordable price.  We are committed to having an option for everyone. There are really no wrong choices, it simply comes down to helping you figure out what your personal needs and wants are.

The research is clear on the benefits associated with using a sauna as part of your health and wellness routine!  It helps reduce the negative effects of stress, supports weight loss, supports heart health, relaxes muscles, reduces joint pain, cleanses the skin, improves immune function, slows down the aging process and simply feels amazing!

Being a nurse for almost 40 years, I have seen first hand the impact that losing your health can have on a person’s life as well as their loved ones.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet and take care of so many amazing people and have seen those same people endure much pain, suffering and unnecessary intervention.  About 15 years ago my role started to change, and it wasn’t good. Instead of being the care provider I realized that I was also becoming the patient. I was battling headaches, vertigo, constant pain, digestive challenges, sleeping issues and hormonal imbalances.  I was diagnosed with both Lyme and Heart disease a few years back and found myself in a place where it was difficult on some days to put one foot in front of the other. Although the conventional healthcare system had lots of options for treating my symptoms, they provided no guidance in actually helping me find the cause and fix the problems….and so my journey began.  

There is frustration at first but also empowerment that comes with realizing that the true cause of our health problems comes from the stresses in our everyday life.  There is hope that can be realized in understanding that our body’s are made to heal and recover and adapt to the stresses in our life if we give it a chance. My life and routines had to shift in a different direction and it was going to be up to me to find a different way, a better way!  Through research I found the crucial role that a sauna could and would play in recovery and health transformation as part of my action plan. We are excited and passionate about joining you on your journey to health and wellness and to see you experience the healing power of heat!

Cindy Taylor
Director of Operations