Saunacore INFRA-CORE Dual Saunas

INFRA-CORE™ Premium Dual Series Now you can have the best of both worlds with your own personal spa or therapeutic far infrared experience

Saunacore™ has developed the ultimate sauna system! It’s a dual-purpose sauna that can function as a conventional sauna or as a Far Infrared sauna. Enjoy a conventional sauna or enhance your experience by switching to the INFRA-CORE™ mode for added health benefits.

This dual sauna combines traditional sauna heater with Far Infrared therapy heaters.Soft-touch electronic digital keypad allows for time/ temperature settings, operation of the Rapid Even Air System, standby procedure, activates light, informs user of all these functions & has LED display readout. Command II Controller will feature the latest generation of control panel to provide fingertip control to the sauna operation, audio system, fan, lighting etc. With Bluetooth streaming built-in, you can play music from your smartphone (Android, Galaxy, iPhone , iPad, Nokia, HTC etc.) and listen to it as you shower, while your device stays dry in another room. (Optional Upgrade) Up to 11/16 of an inch thick clear T&G Western Red Cedar on all Interior walls, ceiling, floor, and exterior side walls. 5 mm Bronze Tempered Glass is used on all glass doors. 2x4 Clear Western Red Cedar bench(es) with round edge. Cedar backrest along wall for comfort. Marine-style cast aluminum light fixture. Available in 120V or 240V. (requires two dedicated lines) Sauna is pre-built; walls and ceiling are pre-fitted panels. Front wall options available. Benches are assembled from the bottom, while all walls are blind nailed. Saunacore saunas are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen to the absolute highest standards in the industry. Traditional sauna stove complete with rocks, control and stove guard. INFRA-iCORE™ medical grade emitters. Requires no plumbing. Optimized cooling system. Separates into pieces – totally portable. Open floor concept. Poplar upgrade optional. Customization and other woods also available. Saunacore saunas Do NOT have corner moldings which are used to cover up imperfections, all our cedar panels are custom cut and aligned to match from one wall to the other, all V-joint match up, each individual piece of cedar (or poplar) is cut and trimmed for an exact fit. All Saunacore™ Dual Saunas consist of pre-built, pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels, pre-hung door, heater, ceramic emitters, rocks, heater guard, backrest, light, pre-made benches, vent louver, duck boards and all necessary hardware. Complete custom capabilities are also available for panel-type saunas. Optional wood choices include Clear Western Red Cedar and American Poplar. Saunacore™ ensures that every detail is made certain. Benches are assembled from the bottom while all walls are blind nailed to assure that no metal is exposed in the sauna. You may also choose different style doors for a unique characteristic to your liking

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